I’ve just launched my Podcast!

The first episode of my podcast went live on the 1st of July and I am so grateful to God for this. Before now, executing my goals was a ‘challenge’. I always had pages of goals and ideas, but they were all half done or never done, until recently. My secret? I found the people whose today looks like the tomorrow I desired and learnt from them the principles they apply to their own lives. You should do the same! Meanwhile, let me tell you about my podcast 😁

I am a firm believer that the most important life skill we can offer our children is partnership with the Holy Spirit. There’s an urgency in heaven for us to break the current cycle of parenting that excludes the raising of Spirit-filled children.

As a child/adolescent, I was raised in a children ministry where it was commonplace for brilliant children to memorize and recite chapters of the Bible from the altar while adults applauded them in awe. But as the same children grow, they lose the essence of these things or forget them altogether. The head-knowledge they have acquired has no bearing on their lives. Our goal therefore should be to raise ‘God-connected’ and not just ‘God-smart’ children. Many children who grew up in church haven’t the slightest idea of what it means to be born again and filled by the Holy Spirit.

Once I heard someone say, “As Christian parents, whatever we do while raising our children is just seed-sowing. They cannot come to know God on their own until they become adults. He is just the God of their parents.” What??? 😳 Then she finished off by saying, “This was our own experience too. They will grow into it”.

This is the subconscious conditioning of most Christian parents, and it inhibits us from actively steering our children towards a relationship with God. We are programmed to think they can’t go beyond the basics of praying childish prayers and partaking in church activities. Let me tell you why this would NOT be enough, especially in this decade. First, I will share a story.

Recently, a parent showed me a video about a new and compulsory curriculum to be introduced in schools in the country where I reside. She has two kids in that school. This woman and her family fled their home country because of violence. She said she hadn’t had a good night sleep in the weeks since she saw that video, and her only option is to return to the home they fled from with her two youngest children until they were past an impressionable age and would be better able to tell right from wrong. She felt her older kids can cope with the situation as they already can differentiate right from wrong.

I know a lot of Christian parents, especially in the developed countries, who are equally worried about this. I was at some point. These are scary times when a lot of conflicting information and ideologies have become acceptable and we cannot practically shield our children from them.

Psalm 46 assures us that there is a solution. All hope is not lost; help is available to us. I encourage you to meditate on that scripture, it will blow your mind.

What then can we do to get our Christian parenting right? How do we ensure that our children experience a deep connection to and a thriving relationship with God? Our children do not have to become adults before they ‘get it’ and begin to align with the truth of the Gospel, but we must put in the work. How do we teach our children to filter information and develop the confidence to be open and upfront about their relationship with God and their Christian faith? Join the conversation by listening to my podcast on:

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God is my refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.

The Lord of hosts is with me and I choose to be still, for He is God.

(Extracts from Psalm 46)

Thanks for reading! God bless you and have a beautiful day

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  1. This article actually got me scared… But those affirmations at the end? Got me right back on track! Thank you for finally making up your mind to write ❤️❤️❤️ it’s certainly one of your many gifts!

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