How to Make Affirmations Work For You

It feels too long since my last post and I’ve been itching to write again. How have you been? ‘Ok’ or ‘great’. Let me give you guys a little gist. I resumed work over a week ago and it has been an emotionally draining experience!

Our world has taken on a new form – we now have to step aside when someone is approaching (social distancing they call it). We are discouraged from sharing elevators, using public transport, and are advised to sit apart in situations where that is not achievable.

Hand sanitizers have evolved from ‘fun’ to ‘bearable’ to ‘annoying’ and presently to ‘skin irritators’. I literally have red patches on my hands now from the non-stop application. So, I ask again, how are you really?

I felt the need to write about affirmations and why I use them. I know some of you may have seen that in my previous post and are wondering why they are important. Well, let’s talk!

What do you say to yourself? What kind of thoughts do you have about yourself? What kind of thoughts control your mind? Are there thoughts that impede you from taking certain actions?

You see, thoughts inform actions. What you think about determines how you behave, which in turn determines your outcome. Until you see it in the eyes of your mind and believe it, it will not become reality, and there are number of reasons why this is so. You wouldn’t even begin to work towards whatever it is you either do not ‘see’ or ‘think’ possible.

The word ‘affirm’ literally means to accept or confirm the validity of something. Affirmations trick your brain and your mind into believing that a thing already exists. Subsequently, your mind begins to adjust your actions and your habits towards that reality.

Affirmations are great for children. Imagine convincing a child that they are enough to conquer the world and are unstoppable! In fact, if a child is struggling in a particular area, be it a school subject or anything else, affirmations can boost their self-confidence and ultimately inspire them to give it their best.

I remember a story shared by a mum in an interview some time ago. Her son had started to act scared, refusing to go on errands without his sister. After a conversation with him, she created affirmations (I don’t remember the exact words now) and told him to recite it anytime he needed to go to a different part of the house alone. She also wrote it out and pasted it on the wall in his room so he could see it while in bed. It worked! Within the next few days, she overhead him making the affirmation while going upstairs alone to his room to get something.

Affirmations don’t have to sound ‘deep’ and complicated, especially for children. They just need simple expressions they can understand. Something like, “I have the mind of Christ. There’s no reason to be scared when I’m alone. My fears are not real,” would suffice in a situation like the one I just mentioned. You have a good advantage here because your children would most likely believe anything you tell them!

Why not think about creating affirmation(s) for each of your children. There is no right or wrong way to do this. Affirmations can be jointly used by all your children or preferably, tailored to each child. You can start at any age you feel comfortable with; do not worry that they are too young. Eighteen months works for me. They will start responding and reciting in no time.

Can I challenge you to think about the future you want for yourself and for each of your children? As you do this, write your thoughts down! Keep writing; go with the flow. Scripture encourages us in Habakkuk 2:2 to “…write the vision clearly”. You could even create your affirmations from there!

Thanks for spending time with me today. God bless you!

Affirmations: I make a commitment to think wholesome thoughts about myself. I choose to speak life; I choose to see myself as Jesus sees me. I will no longer limit myself with my thoughts. My children are here to serve a higher purpose in the Kingdom and I have been anointed to raise them. Amen.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, I really enjoyed reading this. One question, do you recommend we recite affirmations as a routine say, daily or twice a day or do you think it’s best to just say it when we feel the need to remind ourselves?

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