Navigating Godly Parenting in a Constantly Evolving Society.

“…but the people who know their God shall prove themselves strong and shall stand firm and do exploits”. Daniel 11 vs 32. AMPC


Our vision is to make Jesus the new “cool” by raising children who will boldly declare their stand for Christ amid the chaos in this generation.

To birth REVIVAL in children, teenagers, and young people and to re-awaken a desire in relevant stakeholders to re-establish God’s Kingdom in schools, playgrounds, and peer gatherings.


Promote Godly Parenting

To initiate conversations on Godly parenting in the diaspora so parents would know it is achievable and feel a sense of belonging.

Provide Resources

To equip parents with the resources needed to confidently raise their children to boldly carry Jesus into their classrooms and playgrounds.

Build a Community

To build a community of families who share our values. Members of this community act as support systems for one another and meet up for events that offer opportunities for integration and intercessions for their children and families.


The Child Clergy Podcast by Oge Umeokafor explores conversations around Godly Parenting in the diaspora – the worries, challenges, highs and lows, and how to navigate them. Her insightful conversations with seasoned guests who have walked the path successfully and now share their own journeys, provide helpful resources for parents and families. Our FREE audio files are available to you on demand. Each episode is unique and value-packed and centres on burning issues in relation to Godly Parenting.

Crafting the ideal confession

A Guide for creating the ideal confession for children

Share and Get Involved

Get Involved

We are currently in need of volunteers who believe in our vision and would like to offer their services. If this sounds like you, please click on the link below to see the available positions and indicate interest.

Share Your Story

We encourage you to share your stories on Godly Parenting in the diaspora (or anywhere in the world) with our audience. You can choose to do this as a guest on our Podcast or share anonymously (as a published article on our Blog). We aim to show parents that their challenges are not peculiar to them and point them to the available resources and solutions that are within their reach. To reach out to us, please Contact us or send an Email to

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