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Oge Umeokafor

Oge qualified as a Dental Technologist in 2012 and served in the same capacity at the National Hospital, Abuja, before relocating to the UK. She is an Entrepreneur, an Author, and a Life Coach. She supports women in the areas of Godly Parenting and Productivity. She also serves as a Resident Mentor in the Support Coaching platform of the Immerse Coaching Company.

Oge is the founder of Child Clergy Network where she provides Information, Resources, and a Community that equips for Godly Parenting in the diaspora. She is also the Founder of Thrive Across Borders where she provides Trainings and Resources for immigrants to thrive in the UK without compromising their life Visions, Goals, and everything else that matters to them. She is the CEO of XtraLarge Shoes, a company that caters to men and women with Big Feet (sizes 40 to 50).

She hosts two Podcasts – The Child Clergy Podcast and Thrive Across Borders Podcast with her current audience spread across over 13 countries. In addition to this, she shares her journey and convictions on Godly Parenting, Productivity and Living your Best Life via her own blog and those of others.

Oge is a privileged mum to three of God’s Generals whom she is raising with her husband to take over the world. When she is not working on her many expressions, she loves to read, cook hearty meals, and catch up on sleep.

She is on a mission to light up the world, one person at a time.



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