Transform your child's understanding and connection to the Bible with these simple and effective tips!

My name is Oge Umeokafor, a mum to three of God’s generals living in the UK. I understand the unique challenges and complexities of raising godly children in the diaspora and I’m here to help you navigate them.
My mission is to inspire African parents with young children in the diaspora to raise Godly children because a strong connection to God will provide them with stability and guidance in the face of societal shifts and a rapidly changing world.

What you will get

–  A straight-to-the-point audio recording – I understand you are very busy so I’ve created something you can consume on the go!

–  Tips on how to create and verify connection – Knowledge is not the same as connection. Children can know and recite scripture without necessarily connecting.

–  Other FREE resources that would reinforce your children’s study of the Bible.

–  Actionable points – begin to implement the tips today and see results, no fluff

–  Knowledge of how you can create a Bible study plan that suits your children

Here you go...

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